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Fairall Designs Model 3
Emerson SOFCK-BW
Sunwayman V10r Ti^2 w/ Jeff Hanko Clip
Munroe Knives Mega Dangler w/ Car remote, Steel Flame 1911 & Bushido Dog Tags, Steel Flame Emergency Bottle Opener, Dave Sawyer Titanium Whistle w/ Tritium
Munroe Knives 2012 DTS Dangler w/ Car keys, Titanium house keys, TAD/RW Taharka Keychain, PNY 8gb Hook Flash Drive
Seiko SKX013 w/ TopSpecUS PVD Strap
Tumi Delta Card Holder
iPhone 4
Zebra F-701 w/ Fisher Space Pen Refill
Benchmark 14k Gold Promise Ring

Here’s my current EDC setup. A breakdown of my gear can be found on my blog.

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