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Perry Ellis Bedford Passcase Portfolio Wallet ($20)
Leather Kiss-lock Coin Purse ($9), $1.30 in change
Car keys with CityCarShare Carabiner
CK Eyeglasses ($104)
Nasty Silicone Earplugs ($5) (sorry)
Leatherman Squirt PS4 ($29) and Keys
Two Excedrin Migraine Pills
PNY Attache III ($13)
Discontinued Sandisk USB Drive
Small Pencil Nub
Plackers Micro Mint Dental Flosser ($11)
Frederick Goldman Wedding Ring ($312+)
LG G2 ($396) (Not shown)

Research Administrator in Berkeley, CA


This is my EDC.  I used to carry a nail clippers on my keychain; this Leatherman is a new substitute and it has been a great little tool.  The coin purse was my grandmother’s, has sentimental value, and it holds most of the loose items.  I can’t count how many odd times I use those earplugs.  A friend of mine gave me the carabiner.  I took the picture with my LG G2.

Research Administrator in Berkeley, CA

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