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To have your content appear here on EDC, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Your picture should be clear, well-lit, and at least 500 pixels wide with no watermarks. Please don’t submit portrait style photos.
  • You must indicate your Profession and Location (for instance: Policeman / Boston ) so other readers can get a idea of why you carry what you do.
  • Please list all the items in your picture so that we can check them out! You will be helping out others to use your EDC to build their own.
  • Optional - We recommend including a short writeup detailing your thoughts on each item to help us further appreciate your EDC.
For an example post to use as a guide, check out this post (opens in a new window).

Only submit only your own photographs for publication. When you upload content, you grant us permission to use your content (for instance, posting it on our website) as well as generate revenue from it (for instance, showing advertisements). Basically, you will still own your content, but you also grant us a perpetual license to act as if we were a second owner.

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