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This page is only for submitting your everyday carry to us to publish on the site.

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To maximize the chances of your submitted content being published here on Everyday Carry, your submission must follow these guidelines:

  • Your photo should be clear, well-lit, and at least 1024 pixels wide with no watermarks. We prefer that you do not submit portrait oriented photos (3:4), or non-standard aspect ratios from cropping your photo.
  • You must indicate your Profession and Location (for example: Law Enforcement in Boston, MA) so that other readers can get a idea of why you carry what you do.
  • Please list all items depicted in your carry with specifics such as the brand name and model name to help our editor accurately link to your gear. We also invite you to add a link to the product page or Amazon page of your items to expedite the editing process. Your help here will let other readers use your Everyday Carry as an inspiration to build their own and learn about new products!
  • We recommend including a short writeup detailing your EDC — your thoughts on each item, how they are useful in your daily life, how you prefer to carry them, and so on, to help us better appreciate your carry.

For an example post to use as a guide for photographing and detailing your submission, refer to this post.

We are committed to delivering quality content to our readers and to provide them a platform to share and participate in the EDC community. To do this, each submission undergoes a publication process of approving, editing, and formatting the post to be consistent and informative when reaching the front page. We can not guarantee your submission will be published, nor can we provide an expected publication date. Please keep in mind we receive many submissions and it takes time for us to carry out this process. We appreciate your patience and eagerness to contribute.

Only submit your own photographs for publication. When you upload content, you grant us permission to use your content (for instance, posting it on our website) as well as generate revenue from it (for instance, showing advertisements). Basically, you will still own your content, but you also grant us a perpetual license to act as if we were a second owner.

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