Update: Superior Titanium Moneyclip

Superior Titanium Black Diamond Moneyclip

In an earlier post, I expressed my initial disappointment about the lack of scratch resistance on these titanium clips. Dan of Superior Titanium kindly sent me a replacement clip, claiming the initial one had a defective finish. I noticed the difference in the finishes immediately:

Superior Titanium Black Diamond Money Clip

The replacement (right) has a lighter color, closer to a gunmetal grey than a matte black. The finish looks more “metallic” while the one on the left looks more “glossy.” It’s kind of hard to explain but there is a subtle difference in the finish, both in color and texture.

Superior Titanium Black Diamond Moneyclip

I did some initial “scratch tests” on the inside of the clip where the scratches won’t be visible by scratching it against a copper rivet on one of my jeans — the scratch didn’t show up as a bright golden scratch like before, at least on the new model. This makes me feel the finish is more durable but just while taking pictures and videos of the two I somehow nicked the back of the replacement one already.

Here is a video attempt at displaying the difference in finish (apologies for the new jack playing in the background lol):

At this point, however, I am not too worried about the scratches as they seem to fade with more and more use (but are still visible). Even still, kudos to Dan at Superior Titanium for his excellent communication and customer service. I will continue to carry this clip. :)